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the artist

I'm Lou. Mum of two kids, two schnauzers and an angry parrot.

I took an early interest in graphite pencil sketching and have documented evidence that I was drawing portraits from at least 8 years old (I'll release that one when I'm famous!). I always find myself coming back to portraiture - the shapes, the lines, the "flaws"- our uniqueness is something to behold and I get to know each face intimately.

Like many, my life priorities after high school revolved around getting a solid job and establishing a career. I just never felt that "burning desire" to develop professionally and lacked any clear direction with my chosen career path. Although grateful for the opportunities, years of working in office jobs left me creatively bankrupt and I barely sketched a stick-figure for 13+ years...

After a whole lot of self-analysis / discovery / realisation (definition of premature mid-life crisis?), I made the leap to pursue a passion that is inconsistent, ever-changing, challenging and certainly doesn't guarantee financial stability. This career is firmly aligned with my values and lets me be the most true version of myself. I am following (chasing) my heart and trusting that the universe will return gooood vibes!

Meet Louan Walker_edited.jpg

Being commissioned to produce artwork provides me with a sense of fulfilment I could never have imagined years ago! This is the way I connect with others and this is my gift to the world.

I dabble in various media these days, but drawing might always be my happy place.

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